"Our entire approach is Science-based, as the most solid foundation to build up any nutritional concept"


Human being developed Science in order to improve all aspects of life, acquiring experience and knowledge as a solid base to assure the future of our planet.

Nutrition is one of the most important among Sciences, since with balanced and appropriate nutrition is possible to reach better health and as a consequence harmony and wellbeing.

Our Scientific Team, along with the constant laboratory activity (both in-house and within referral labs), develops fully "cruelty free" and ethical scientific studies, in cooperation with key opinion leader professors and institutions. This scientific attitude enables us to constantly improve.

We promote two different kind of field research:
- Feeding trials on healthy animals: we measure parameters like the palatability and general wellbeing of pets, including condition of fur and skin, stools and other vital non-invasive parameters;
- Clinical trials on sick animals, with pre-existing pathological condition (already sick), that we support with the most appropriate nutritional solution, in order to prove its goodness and continuously improve our formulas and their efficacy.

This approach enables us to be always innovative and cutting-edge in our formulations and feeding approach, with one unique goal: to improve the health of our four- legged friends.

"The unique way to have healthy food is to carefully select your ingredients and treat them with respect."


Our self-owned Italy-based pet food production Company uses selected, natural and very qualitative ingredients, processed with the most advanced technologies. Since we know what we put inside our kibbles, and we want to preserve the nutritional quality of the ingredients, we "steam cook" all our products, with a gentle thermal treatment essential to provide digestibility and preserving at the same time as much as possible the nutritional characteristics of the selected ingredients.

Our production plant is certified by ISO 22000 (typically applied to human-grade food productions) and ISO 9001. Along with that, we follow the Best Practices of Manufacturing to combine the technology and the respect of the natural environment, safety and quality control, being able to count on a fully equipped internal laboratory, where we can investigate and ensure the quality of every food ingredient used and of each finished product released.