Every dog has specific needs: he is your champion and is unique. We are aware of it, and we would like to show to everyone this awareness through our products. In the same way, we are fully aware that dogs evolved a lot compared to their ancestors, so they became able to digest the starch, when fully cooked. That is the reason why our products can satisfy each need: very high level of proteins and fats from animal origin and selected sources, analyzed deeply for their quality and safety level, harmonized with starch sources with low glycaemic index (with slow release of glucose) and a powerful complex of phytonutrients, to reach the complete holistic approach: Diusa Pet, the Pet first of all.

The grain free without compromises

Fresh meat, high protein levels and a powerful complex of natural phytonutrients.

Only the best of Diusa Pet production.


The low grain product

With fresh meat, integral brown rice and dried pumpkin: the perfect nutritional profile for those who choose the quality at the right price.


The functional veterinary line

Nutritional science and chosen ingredients in a perfect marriage. For animals with specific nutritional needs, enriched with special natural ingredients with a strong functional value.


The line for sensitive dogs

The product without compromises: simple products, highly qualitative and nutritious, based on selected raw materials, steam cooked to treat them with care, correctly balanced to keep the equilibrium of your pet’s health.


The line designed for Breeders

The perfect line thinker for breeders who care about the well-being, strength and beauty of their dogs and cats. Five product lines to meet all needs:Holistic, Essential, Selection, Professional e Optimal.