Your cat is unique and he knows that. He will always look for what satisfy his taste, his needs, his preference; your cat is a small hunter and us, in Alleva, we are well aware of it. That's why we developed, for him, the most adequate product: very high levels of proteins and fats from animal origin from selected sources, because it's from here that he takes the main part of energy and of nutrients; we analyze those ingredients deeply to undercover their level of quality and freshness; these ingredients are combined among them and are binded in a kibble-shaped nutrition from very low amounts of starch. This starch is selected according to its low glycaemic index (which means that the glucose, which compose the starch, is absorbed more slowly) and if correctly cooked can be perfectly digested even by your little hunter; these starch sources are able to deliver a source of energy that his body an handle without overloading itself. Finally, we use in each formula only the best from nature, combining a powerful cocktail of natural phytonutrients, as to reach the final holistic approach: Diusa Pet, the pet first of All.

The grain free without compromises

Fresh meat, high protein levels and a powerful complex of natural phytonutrients.

Only the best of Diusa Pet production.


The functional veterinary line

Nutritional science and chosen ingredients in a perfect marriage. For animals with specific nutritional needs, enriched with special natural ingredients with a strong functional value.