About us

Our company is a friend of the animals.
We do not make any animal sperimentation to test our products. Moreover, apart from the quality of our raw materials, our suppliers are also selected according to their cruelty free phylosophy. Our product research and development is conducted using the deep company and technician know-how in pet nutrition and due to the cooperation with esteemed veterinary, breeders and pet-shops.



Diusa Pet is leader in Italy and Europe in the Pet Food sector and it exclusively produces dry food for dogs and cats.



Where you can find us
The Diusa Pet production facility has a covered surface major than 8000 mq and it is located in Marzano (PV), 15 km close to the ring road inner Milan.



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Brief history

Diusa Pet was born in May 2001 taking over the active business located in the Marzano (PV) facility since 1997 for the production of dry food for dogs. After 10 years of activity, Diusa Pet has continuously improved its distribution network and its volume of production, having affairs, apart from Italy, with 20 countries.
Diusa Pet brands are distributed in













Czech Republic




Bosnia and Herzegovina 






Company mission statement

Diusa Pet mission statement is the production of pet-food using the best available scientific and techinical knowledege, in full compliance with applicable laws in the field of nutrition, production and work safety.
Diusa Pet guarantees equal opportunities to its co-workers using no age, sexual, religion and race discrimination.
Diusa Pet exacts that its co-workers respect the laws and rules of the Italian State in every field of application.




Diusa Pet offers to its customers modern and well-advanced equipments.
We used the best plant and equipment brands available for pet-food industry, and among which we quote:
• Wenger extruder(USA)

• AeroGlide dryer (USA)

• Umbra Packaging (Italia) and Chronos (Italia) for packaging



Quality assurance

Diusa Pet Quality System received the prestigious ISO 9001 certification since the year 2005
The Quality Control Laboratory in the Diusa Pet facility works to verify the chemical and physical features of raw materials entrying the production process, the intermediates products of the industrial process and the final products prior to be sent to our customers.
Our facility is officially recognized with the number αIT000225PV according to the EU regulation EC/183/2005.




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