Food for your dog

Free range Chicken and Fowl

The delicacy and lightness of the best rural chicken and duck meats with berries and selected alpine herbs

Holistic by Alleva® Free Range Chicken & Fowl is a complete food for dogs formulated according to the ancestral diet of dogs. The excellent protein level is offered by a high content (70%) of selected chicken and duck, both particularly valuable for their rich presence of essential amino acids and the lightness of the lipidic fraction.

Completely grain-free it is ideal for animals intolerant to gluten or to prevent such intolerance.

Blueberries, carrots, black currant and alpine herbs (Artemisia absenthium L., Rosa canina L. and Plantago major L.) were carefully chosen to provide the best natural sources of antioxidants, cardiotonics, anti-inflammatories and digestives.


Choose Holistic by Alleva®: it is healthy and natural!




Holistic by AllevaŽ Free Range Chicken & Fowl
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