Food for your dog

Lamb & Rice Mini

Enhances immune system and tonifies muscles

Alleva Plus Lamb&Rice is a complete and balanced food specifically studied for its high digestibilty and to reduce the risk of intolerances and intestinal pathologies. It is a source of high biological value protein and easy digestible carbohydrates from rice; this combination helps the digestion and the absorption of important nutrients like aminoacids, peptides and sugars, all of them fundamental for the healthy maintenance of your dog. The skin will be protected by a correct dose of biotin and zinc, and by an optimal omega 6/ omega 3 ratio. It contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) to stimulate lactic microflora of the intestine. The linoleic acid enhances immune system and tonify muscle.
Alleva Plus Lamb and Rice Mini
Nutritional info
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