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Diusa Pet offers a range of product with highly functional and nutraceuticals characteristics for the health of our little friend. All Softy® foods are in fact designed to mantain good health of your pet's major orgnas, like heart, liver, kidneys and intestines.

Softy® is able to meet the special needs of all types of domestic cats: kittens, sexually active or sterilized adults for four age groups corresponding to four fundamental biological periods of the cat's life (growht, young adult, adult and senior).

Softy®products do not contain wheat and are gluten free

The continuing research for solutions of our nutrition R&D department also offers foods for special needs, such as renal disorders and diabetes mellitus






Softy® Kitten -1

All the energy and elements for a healthy development of your kitten.
Complete food exclusively produced for kitten younger than 12 months.

Softy® Adult -8

Highly digestible and perfectly balanced in nutritional components
Complete food for sexually active cats younger than 8 years

Softy® Sterilizzati -8

Nutrition for cats that don’t want to laze
Complete food for sterilised cats younger than 8 years

Softy® Adult +8

Precious source of natural fiber
Complete food for sexually active cats older than 8 years

Softy® Sterilizzati +8

Natural fibre for intestinal activity and for a correct feeling of satiety
Complete food for sterilised cats older than 8 years

Softy® Persian Adult

Specific formula for Persian Cat
Softy Persian Cat is a food specially formulated for cats of Persian breed, characterized by long hair, thick and dense undercoat

Softy® Mature Urinary +12

Helps to prevent cellular aging due to the presence of an excellent and natural antioxidant system.
Complete food exclusively produced for cats older than 12 years.

Softy® Diabetic Care

Complete food for the control of glucose intake in cats (diabetes mellitus)
Softy loves your cat and helps him to manage the very risky hyperglycemic peaks

Softy® Hypoallergenic Care

Complete food for adult cats for the treatment and prevention of food allergies or intolerances
Chosen ingredients to obtain a meal with highly digestible proteins, lipids and carbohydrates

Softy® Sensitive Digestion Care

Complete food for cats with gastrointestinal disorders
Softy Adult Sensitive Digestion is a dietetic food designed to reduce the risk of disorders related to intestinal malabsorption and to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and to help the stages of convalescence
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