Food for your dog

Real Dog

For daily wellness

Real Dog is a dog food designed for the professional breeders.

Real Dog 24 contains chicken, FOS and yucca, natural and healthy ingredients for a tasty meal.

Chicken is a very digestible meat and source of aminoacids for the maintenance of your dog.

F.O.S., fructo-oligosaccharides promote a good equilibrium between lactic and other bacteria in the intestine in order to offer a very healty digestion.

Yucca reduces ammonia developing during digestion and your dog will produce odorless faeces. Yucca is also a strong antirheumatic and antiarthritic.

Real Dog 24 helps you to manage the professional maintenance of your dogs with complete food specifically designed for maintenance activity. 

Real Dog Real Dog 24

Complete food for professional breeder. Special formula with chicken, FOS and yucca
For the daily wellness
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