Food for your dog

Alleva® Care


Wellness and health in every direction.
Alleva Care is the nutritional solution for the sanitary problem of your dog.



Alleva Care is specifically studied for dogs suffering particolar pathologies or dysmetabolism. The products contain very high quality and selected meat, fish and are eggs and gluten-free. Therefore do not contain allergic source and have the high digestible starch of potato.
According to the specific pathology or dysmetabolism Alleva Care products have ingredients and additives specifically studied to help animal to have care of its illness.


Sensitive Digestion – Lamb and Potato

Hypoallergenic – Salmon and Potato



Available as Adult and Puppy & Junior in 1.5 and 12 kg bags




Alleva® Care Hypoallergenic

Salmon and Potato. Hypoallergenic food, highly valuable, rich of omega 3, eggs and gluten free.
Particularly indicated for dogs suffering food allergies or intolerances.

Alleva® Care Sensitive Digestion

Lamb and Potato. Valuable food of absolute digestibility, eggs and gluten free, with FOS, MOS and inositol.
Particularly indicated for dogs having digestive problems or sensitive intestine.

Alleva® Care Urinary

Helps to prevent the ammonia accumulation in the kidneys and to adjust the urinary pH
Complete food for dogs with renal disorders

Alleva® Care Skin&Coat

High content of essential PUFA: EPA, DHA and linoleic
Complete food for dogs over 1 year designed to maintain the correct metabolism of the epidermis and thus guarantee the health, beauty and shine of your dog’s skin and coat

Alleva® Care Joints

It helps to support the joints
Complete food for dogs over 1 year suitable for preventing the aging of the joints and keeping them healthy and strong.
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