Food for your dog

Ale Dog®

Ale Dog, the complete product for your dog

Great news for Ale Dog, the essential line for the healthy nutrition of your dog with a great cost/quality ratio.

Ale Dog is an essential line having all the necessary elements for the healthy nutrition of your dog.  Great cost/quality ratio and satisfaction of various nutritional needs and physical activity.
All Ale Dog products contain F.O.S. (fructoligosaccharides) to promote intestinal microflora.

Ale Dog® Junior

Very good formulation for a healthy growth of your puppy.
High digestible and rich of all the fundamental substances for the growth.

Ale Dog® Maintenance

All the necessary elements to always mantain in good shape your dog
Complete food for the daily maintenance of the dog.

Ale Dog® Maintenance Plus

Delicious and nourishing kibble with beef and chicken. Formula 21/10
All the necessary components for a full and complete nutrition of your dog

Ale Dog® High Power

NEW FORMULA! Your dog always in good shape even after a long day of work.
With this food your dog has what it needs and the energy for its physical efforts.

Ale Dog® Sprint

The daily nutrition for an always agile and snappy dog during the highest physical efforts.
Complete food with very high content of meats and fats.
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